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Social Media can be fun if you’re the one scrolling through it, liking cute videos and clicking on products to buy.

But it can be quite stressful if you’re the one trying to get your audience to like your page, engage with your posts and ultimately buy your products or services. 


It can be time consuming and if not done right… that time is wasted.


Social Media should not be left alone and this is why:


  • Reach thousands and thousands of people

  • Build strong relationships with your customers

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Promote new products and services easily and get immediate reach

  • You can have conversations with your audience

  • Your audience can share your posts, creating more exposure for you

  • You can tell a story about your brand

  • Gather data from your audience and build up your ideal target market

  • Build customer loyalty


Facebook is 

so fun

Help me socialise

Create the page

Set up profile

Content provided by client




Customer engagement

(responding to messages and comments)

Content Calendar

3 platforms

3 posts per week

2 hours customer engagement

Content provided by client


per platform

R500 once off

per month

R2 450


per additional platform per month

Content can be created at R500 per hour (quote to be provided based on requirements).

Hours of customer engagement are not redeemable and do not change the monthly cost if not used but will be monitored and can be carried over month to month

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