Search Engine  

Search Engine Optimisation


What on earth is that?

Well...  This is a huge field which will take a very long time to explore.

In a nutshell, SEO is


  • taking certain steps and actions to ensure that your website can be found 

  • ensuring the right people are finding your website 

  • making sure that when they find your website that they spend time on your website

  • making sure your website is functioning properly so that your visitors enjoy their time and come back

  • making Google love you so that your page appears when your products or services are being searched for



do you do 

all this stuff

Google must love me

The report will point out the problems and what needs to happen to fix those problems.

It will also include an estimated cost per item.

So there are a few things that need to be done to determine exactly how much work is needed to improve your SEO.

There are a variety of tests to run to determine your status and what steps need to be taken.

Once that has been done, we need to take action to fix the problems and continuous checks need to be done to ensure your status stays positive and that we keep up with the market and above your competitors.


We can work around your budget, but here's what you can expect to pay and how this all works...


We will also suggest a monthly fee based on your particular market so we can run checks and attend to any problems that arise.

Easy Peasy

R500 once off 


First analysis

You then confirm which items you want fixed or you can give us a budget and we will suggest which items you focus on first that fits your budget.

Confirm work

R2 000 once off 



per hour or budget specific

You decide if you want us to work a few hours on a monthly basis or if you need ad hoc assistance.

Monthly or Ad hoc


per hour or budget specific

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