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Who makes this stuff?

So we've all seen people celebrating National This Day and National That Day....

...hug your dog, eat a pancake, take a selfie with a mosquito.

All sorts of things.

But who even makes this stuff?

Truth is - people register for these days, some make them up, some have been around for ages, some are actual legit days to celebrate.

For marketers or business owners - does it really even matter?

If it's a day that we can use to market or attract attention to our brand and products, who actually cares where it came from.

Besides - its such a cool thing and a reason to do fun silly stuff sometimes (not that I ever need a reason).

So here are a few fun days to celebrate the rest of 2020 and use to market your business, attract attention with some social media posts or even use them to have a competition.

It's yours to do with as you please.

Stay tuned for the 2021 calendar which I will be releasing in the next few weeks.

Until then - be creative!

Download your Calendar here...

Social Media Fun Day Calendar
Download PDF • 1.01MB

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