Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.

You know you're doing it but nobody else does

- Steuart H Britt -

You have your beautiful website, your amazing products, your incredible social media pages... but nobody knows it's there.

Yes there are ways to get followers and customers for free - this can be done.  But it takes time and a lot of patience. 

If you want to boost sales and get your business out there you need to invest in some advertising.  

Here's some great news...

Digital advertising is soooo much more affordable than traditional formats like TV, Radio and Billboards... PLUS... you reach a much much wider audience.


It takes skill and the know-how to use your budget effectively and to get results.

Tell me something... How many times have you been on Facebook or Instagram and they pop up saying "hey, boost this post for only R125".  You think WOW, I can get sales for only R125.  So you do it, you pay your fee and sad face... little to no sales.

There is a science behind this.  You need to put your ad in front of the right people and to do that it takes strategic thinking and knowing how these platforms work to reach that buying market.


wink in the dark

Help me wink at people

R500 service fee per campaign

Confirm your budget

Provide artwork

We discuss your strategy and needs

Set your own budget

Content can be developed at R500 per hour

Advertise my business

Need more than just a branding package?

Lets talk and make magic happen.

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