Our Story

This is normally where a company tells you how they started, what history the members have and how amazing they are.  


Not this time.

You will notice that this is called "Our Story" and that is exactly what this is.  We are going to start an amazing story together where we grow your business and reach the goal you originally had in mind when you started your company.

We will be on this journey together.  I will take care of your online presence and you can focus on the business side of things - which is what you had in mind initially, right?


Makaria means "Happiness and Bliss".  That is exactly how I want you to feel when working with me.

You can be confident in knowing that I know how to do this, I have the knowledge and experience to help you grow and I am filled with the passion and enthusiasm to do it.

Let our journey begin...

What's up with the name?

Why on earth did you choose the name PonyTale?

That's so weird.


I love horses and ponies.  I always have my hair in a ponytail (90% of the time).

I spelt it different 


there you go



082 446 4664


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